Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sheep for Sale


Selling the entire herd for $350 each:

2 Icelandic Ewes: 1 is 5 years old, 1 is a yearling
4 Dorper/Suffolk Ewes: 2 are 4 years old, 2 are yearlings
1 Dorper/Icelandic Ewe: yearling
1 Suffolk/Dorper Ram: 5 years old
Multiple animal discount available.
All ewes are bred and are due to start lambing in March. Ewes that have already lambed are $300 and lambs are $200 each. (So far 3 ewes lave lambed and 6 lambs are available).

These will produce nice hardy lambs, good for meat or wool. Icelandic wool is very high quality and can be shorn twice/year.

Friday, March 21, 2014

December Annual Meeting

Alaska Diversified Livestock Association, Inc. December 6, 2013 Audio Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order by President Delbert Simineo

II. Roll call: online were President Delbert Simineo, VP Ruby Hollembaek, member Lee Hecimovich

III. Approval of Agenda-agenda: approved

IV. Approval of 2012 minutes: approved

V. Election of Officers: Delbert and Ruby were reelected to their positions. As Jane Hamilton declined the position, Lee was nominated/elected as secretary. Treasurer is unfilled at this time. Kathy Burton declined the position. Discussion involved the need to get more members/potential members involved. 

VI. Old Business
A. ADLA Corp Status/biannual Report: business paperwork/taxes need to be filed.
B. Bylaws: Need to check on update to include sheep, goats, etc.-animals that produce food and fiber.
C. Meeting frequency: A quarterly meeting schedule was discussed, possibly in conjunction with livestock or ag related events to encourage membership. i.e. SARE Conference, Delta Farm Forum. Possible audio/webinar after SARE.  Delbert or Ruby will contact Steve Siefert (SARE)
D. Email: Ruby stated she can only post to 10 people on the blog, suggestions needed.

VII. New Business
A. President's Report: Delbert presented a letter from Dr. Gerlach about meeting to discuss state/federal regulations, animal care standards, impact of lower 48 animal rights groups. Delbert also discussed a "Red Paint Law" to assist with no trespassing issues. He will contact the State/Borough for clarification.
B. Legislative issues: The Farm Bureau is not continuing their lobbying for the reinstating of the Department of Agriculture. Question on whether a Bed & Breakfast on a ranch is eligible on ag parcels was discussed. 
Wood bison at Portage subject: Ruby has a letter/email on this and the Alaska  Farm Bureau November newsletter also had information. 

VIII. Treasurer's Report: Ruby will send in, also income tax was discussed.
 She will also send out a member roster.

X. Next Meeting-not set, after SARE, possibly check in January.

XI. Adjourn: 7:10 pm

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sustainable AG Conference Next Week

Fairbanks conference highlights agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Conference, March 12-13 in Fairbanks, will highlight plant breeding, establishing a farm and producing livestock for fiber and meat.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service will host the 10th annual conference at Wedgewood Resort. More than 30 sessions will cover a variety of topics of interest to farmers, gardeners and ranchers.

The keynote speaker will be James Myers, a professor of vegetable breeding and genetics at Oregon State University. His main interest has been to improve vegetable varieties for disease resistance and nutrition while maintaining quality and productivity. Myers will also lead an all-day preconference workshop March 11 on plant breeding.
Jim Myers

Conference coordinator Steven Seefeldt, an Extension agriculture and horticulture agent, said he hopes farmers and gardeners will learn the basics of plant breeding and begin developing improved varieties in Alaska.

“We just have a few varieties of any given vegetable,” he said.

A panel discussion will bring together farmers who wish to expand their operations with representatives of state and federal agencies who will talk about what programs can help farmers and others considering farming. Other conference topics will include getting more locally produced food to market in Fairbanks, mobile slaughter and processing units, high tunnel soil fertility, attracting beneficial insects and pollinators, no-tillage grain production in Delta Junction, pasture management, raising bison, elk and yaks, and more.

A second preconference workshop from 1–3 p.m. March 11 will focus on record keeping and taxes for agricultural businesses. Alaska-grown food will be served during the conference, and educational displays will be available. See the conference agenda and registration information at

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Interior "Outside"

The auroras, sunrises, sunsets and snow-laden trees have been tremendous this February.  What a treat to share with children.  Becca at Alaskan Interior Game Ranch.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Member's Passion and Love

Have 18 Cashmere goats, one breeding buck, 3 adult wethers, and 12 breeding does (1 yr to 11 yrs), 2 infant wethers (fall kids)
2 fiber sheep, Welsh Bk Mt - heritage breed
8 chickens
3 geese
1 border collie (11yrs old)
1 Grt Pyrenees (7 yrs old)
1 Grt Pyrenees (11 mo old)
and me
Should have fiber for sale within 3 months, shipping for de-hairing now.

Lee Coray-Ludden

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Renew Membership

Alaska Diversified Livestock Association, Incorporated
2014 Membership Application         JOIN NOW $35 Membership
Name and Address:

Business Name:

Home Telephone Number(s): 

Business Website and/or Social Network Address:

E-Mail Address: 
Type of Membership -  Check one:
___ General (1 vote) Member ($35)                        _____ Associate Member($35) 
A general member is someone who is actively engaged in raising diversified livestock or plans to do so within the year of joining the membership. General members are voting members.
An Associate Member is someone that does not own diversified livestock, but supports the diversified agricultural industry.  Associate members are not voting members. They will not be listed as a producer on the website.

___  Would like to be listed on the ADLA, Inc. website with contact information.

MAIL TO:  ADLA, Inc. 8850 North Simineo Circle Palmer, AK 99645 

Contact: President, Delbert Simineo (907) 745 - 6869 for more information.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teleconference Annual Meeting December 6 at 6 PM

 800-893-8850 and use pin 5711553

December 6 at 6 PM

 I.     Call to order
II.     Roll call
III.     Approval of Agenda
IV.     Approval of minutes from 2012 meeting
V.      Election of Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director
VI.     Old Business
         A.     ADLA Corporation Status and Biannual Report Review
         B.     Bylaws Review
         C.     Meeting frequency
VII.     New business
         A.     President Report
1.      Conferences and Teleconferences
2.      Legislative Issues
3.      Correspondence to & from the board
         B.      Treasurer Report
1.      Account Balance
2.      Income Tax
3.      Members’ Roster
        C.      Members’ reports
VIII.     Next meeting scheduled
IX.     Adjournment

Annual Meeting

Alaska Diversified Livestock Association, Inc.
Teleconferenced Annual Meeting
December 20, 2012

Ruby Hollembaek, President
Delbert Simineo, Vice President
Kathy Burton, Treasurer
Milan Shipka
Scott Hollembaek
Jackie Simineo
Buck Burton
Ellen Kane
Jane Hamilton, Secretary

President Ruby Hollembaek called the meeting to order at 7:02 P.M.

Delbert moved to accept the agenda as mailed.  Milan seconded, motion carried.

Delbert moved to accept the minutes of the 2011 teleconferenced Annual Meeting.  Milan seconded, motion carried.


Election of Officers: Ruby reported that she is stepping down as president.  She is willing to keep up with the blog and website for the coming year.  Milan nominated Delbert.  Nominations were closed and Delbert was elected as the new President.  Delbert nominated Ruby for Vice President.  Milan moved to close nominations and Ruby was elected.  Jackie nominated Jane for Secretary.  Nominations were closed and Jane was re-elected.  Delbert nominated Kathy for Treasurer.  Ruby moved to close nominations and Kathy was re-elected Treasurer for another year.  Ruby reported that Mike Miller has indicated that he was willing to continue as Director At Large.  It was agreed that he should serve for another year.

Corporation:  Kathy reported that the corporation was again in good standing with the State of Alaska.  She will check to see when corporate paperwork needs to be filed again.

By-Laws:  Ruby reviewed the change made this year to Article III that we will now include all species of livestock.  The By-Laws require that we meet at least every six (6) months.  In the past this has been done by combining our meetings with the Alaska Farm Bureau, the Delta Farm Forum and by audio conferences. 

Information:  Ruby has had an information table at all functions she attends to let people know about the organization and to attract new members.  It was agreed that frequent e-mails would benefit the organization by helping to keep in touch with our members.  Ruby agreed to continue this, perhaps in a newsletter format. 

New Members:  Several people joined ADLA at the October grazing and livestock conference.  A reduced membership rate of $5.00 for 2013 and the remainder of 2012 could have been added to the registration fee.  Several people took advantage of this.  However, this has not been sorted out to date, nor has the money been received.  The University will be forwarding the names and funds as soon as possible.  The challenge will be to get these new members involved in the organization.  Ruby reported that there had been good information at the conference, excellent speakers and that she had met a lot of people-many of those that had just joined.  She had attended the fiber workshop the following day and that had been good as well.

Animal Care Standards:  DEC has developed minimum standards of care for all species of animals and fowl.  They have not taken effect yet.

Kathy reported that the current balance is $1,970.03.  The 2013 membership dues are due on January 1st.  Notices will be sent. 

Income Tax:  The IRS-990 form needs to be filed this year.  Ruby, Kathy and Jane will work on it together.  It will be filed prior to April 15th.

Reports:  Ruby explained the Delta Soil & Water Conservation District’s fencing cost-share program.  The District will be paying $1.25/foot for fencing to keep the bison out of the fields.  She reported that she and Scott have reduced their herds of bison and elk.  They are happy with their production.

Delbert reported that he couldn’t keep up with the demand for elk-a good position to be in.

The next meeting will be via teleconference.  The date is to be established.
The teleconference/meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane E. Hamilton,


The Alaska Diversified Livestock Association, Inc. holds a certificate from the State of Alaska, Department of Community and Economic Development, Division of Banking, Securities and Corporations formed on November 19, 2002.

The members must be of the age of 19 years or more, acting as incorporators of a corporation under the Alaska Nonprofit Corporation Act (AS 10.20), adopted articles of incorporation as follows:
Article 1. The name of this corporation is the Alaska Diversified Livestock Association, Inc.
Article 2. The duration of this corporation shall be perpetual.
Article 3. To promote the responsible development, management, marketing and research for the diversified livestock industry of Alaska. This is to include the production of animals who provide food or fiber. To exercise all rights and powers conferred by the laws of the State of Alaska upon nonprofit corporations, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to acquire by devise, gift, purchase, lease, or otherwise any property of any sort or nature without limitation as to its amount of value, and to hold, invest, reinvest, manage, use apply, employ, sell, expend, disburse, lease, mortgage, convey, option, donate, or otherwise dispose of such property, for any of the purposes set forth herein. To do such other things as are incidental to purposes of the Corporation or necessary in order to accomplish them. The corporation is not organized for profit. It shall have no capital stock and shall not be authorized to issue capital stock. Upon dissolution of the corporation, the officers shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the liabilities of the corporation, distribute all of the assets of the corporation in such a manner and to such non-profit agricultural organizations qualified under Section 501 © (5) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as such Sections may be amended, or their successor provisions as the Officers may determine.
Articles 4 – 8 pertain to the membership, the board of directors, the bylaws, liability & incorporators.