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November 22, 2011 Teleconference Minutes


Ruby Hollembaek, President
Delbert Simineo, Vice President
Kathy Burton, Treasurer
Bill Burton
Milan Shipka
Scott Hollembaek
Janelle Curtis
Mike Miller
Jane Hamilton, Secretary


President Ruby Hollembaek called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
A quorum was established.


Ruby reported that the ADLA Corporation had been involuntarily dissolved by the State of Alaska on July 21, 2011 due to the failure to file the Bi-annual Report.  The State had been sending notices to Delbert’s prior address, so we were not timely notified they were due.  Kathy reported that she had submitted payment and a Bi-Annual report on November 8, 2011.  Although she has not received notification that the Corporation has been reinstated, all agreed that we are in good standing and that we would proceed with tonight’s meeting.


Bill moved to approve the agenda.  Delbert seconded.  Motion carried.


Milan moved to approve the November 10, 2010 minutes.  Delbert seconded, motion carried.


Bill moved to nominate Ruby for President.  Delbert seconded.  Motion carried and Ruby was elected President for the 2012 year.  Delbert moved that the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer remain the same as they currently are.  Bill seconded.  Motion carried.

Delbert moved that Mike Miller be elected Member-At-Large.  Bill seconded, motion carried.


Conferences and Teleconferences:  Ruby reported that they are posted on the website.  Reports of those attended by Ruby and Delbert will be made soon.

Legislative Issues:  Department of Ag:  There are 150 signatures obtained to support the Department of Agriculture and they will be sent to the legislators. 

Animal Care Standards:  The working draft has been publicized.  The first teleconference was mostly about dogs, in particular, sled dogs.  The next one will be on December 1st and will be about exotic species and the December 13th will be about livestock in general.  Milan encourages members to listen in to both teleconferences.  Call 1-800-315-6338.  The pass code is 8213.

By-Laws:  Ruby will obtain a copy of the latest By-Laws, which have changes to reflect that general members are those that are raising or plan to raise animals.  She is inviting all livestock growers to join ADLA.   She has sent out 50 invitations to join via e-mail and following up with hard copies.

Meeting frequency:  It was suggested that the officer meet quarterly via teleconference to keep in touch and up-to-date on what is happening.  Milan will be wiling to provide the teleconference service from his budget.


The account balance is currently $1,299.50.

It was agreed that we do have to file a 1099 Income Tax Report.

Member’s Roster:
            Steve Gallagher
            Delbert Simineo
            Pam Rule
            Scott Miller
            Bill and Kathy Burton
            Scott, Russell and Ruby Hollembaek (need to enroll Buckley for 2012)
            Milan Shipka-Associate member
            Jane Hamilton-Associate member
            Mike Miller (needs to join for 2012)
            Musk Ox Farm (Janelle Curtis for 2012)

Dr. Bob Gerlach is interested in joining.  There is some concern about whether this will present a conflict of interest or whether members would feel free to discuss issues such as the new Animal Care Standards.  The National Bison Association has never had a Federal or State Vet as a member.  It was agreed that we should not exclude anyone from joining or attending our meetings.  We can ask anyone to excuse themselves if there is a conflict between their job and the organization.

The Biennial Report is due next July.


2012 Meeting:  It was agreed to meet following the February Delta Farm Forum.  The meeting will be held at the Trophy Lodge at 5:00 P.M. for dinner with the meeting following.

The Sustainable Ag Conference will be held on March 13th.  Livestock growers should be invited to attend.

Reports from Members:
            Scott Hollembaek:  It was a poor weather year with a decent calf crop. 
There is enough hay for the winter.  A mile and half of game fence was installed.

Bill Burton:  It was a good calf crop and they got up a lot of hay.  It was a wet summer.  They are having a real problem with the buffalo roaming.  Charlie Dorman’s hunters are getting them.  They now have a bear in the yard that has killed a beef cow.

Delbert Simineo:  He didn’t AI the Elk this year.  The first year he did 15 with 5 calves and the 2nd year he did 16 with 8 calves.  He is working on building the herd and trying to diversify. 

Both Ruby and Delbert had some French exchange students working this summer that were a tremendous help.

Mike Miller:  He has one Roosevelt bull if anyone wants him.  He gave all the female reindeer to Tom Williams in exchange for bulls.  They are fencing 150 acres for wood bison.

There was a brief discussion regarding the question “what constitutes livestock”, specifically, are rabbits or chickens livestock?  It was agreed to use $1,000 value/year as a rule of thumb.

It was agreed to hold an ADLA meeting during the Alaska Farm Bureau November events each year.


Bill moved to adjourn the meeting.  Scott Miller seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 8:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane E. Hamilton,

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The Alaska Diversified Livestock Association, Inc. holds a certificate from the State of Alaska, Department of Community and Economic Development, Division of Banking, Securities and Corporations formed on November 19, 2002.

The members must be of the age of 19 years or more, acting as incorporators of a corporation under the Alaska Nonprofit Corporation Act (AS 10.20), adopted articles of incorporation as follows:
Article 1. The name of this corporation is the Alaska Diversified Livestock Association, Inc.
Article 2. The duration of this corporation shall be perpetual.
Article 3. To promote the responsible development, management, marketing and research for the diversified livestock industry of Alaska. This is to include the production of animals who provide food or fiber. To exercise all rights and powers conferred by the laws of the State of Alaska upon nonprofit corporations, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to acquire by devise, gift, purchase, lease, or otherwise any property of any sort or nature without limitation as to its amount of value, and to hold, invest, reinvest, manage, use apply, employ, sell, expend, disburse, lease, mortgage, convey, option, donate, or otherwise dispose of such property, for any of the purposes set forth herein. To do such other things as are incidental to purposes of the Corporation or necessary in order to accomplish them. The corporation is not organized for profit. It shall have no capital stock and shall not be authorized to issue capital stock. Upon dissolution of the corporation, the officers shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the liabilities of the corporation, distribute all of the assets of the corporation in such a manner and to such non-profit agricultural organizations qualified under Section 501 © (5) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as such Sections may be amended, or their successor provisions as the Officers may determine.
Articles 4 – 8 pertain to the membership, the board of directors, the bylaws, liability & incorporators.